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This page will be devoted to my study of Spanish, as I learn more will be added!

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Spanish ABC's

  • A (ah)
  • B (bay)
  • C (say)
  • Ch (chay)
  • D (day)
  • E (a)
  • F (a-fay)
  • G (hay)
  • H (ah-chay)
  • I (e)
  • J (ho-tah)
  • K (kah)
  • L (a-lay)
  • Ll (a-yay)
  • M (a-may)
  • N (a-nay)
  • ñ (ayn-yah)
  • O (oh)
  • P (pay)
  • Q (coo)
  • R (a-ray)
  • RR (a-rray)
  • S (a-say)
  • t (tay)
  • U (oo)
  • V (bay)
  • W (do-blay-bay)
  • X (a-kees)
  • Y (e-gree-a-gah)
  • Z (say-tah)

  • Lesson 1

    What is your name? How are you?

  • ¿Como te llamas? -What is your name?
  • ¿Como estas? -How are you? (informal)
  • ¿Como esta Ud? -How are you? (formal)

  • What's up? ,, My name is ...

  • ¿Que tal? -What's up?
  • Me llamo -My name is

  • Where are you from? Where is ____ from? Are you from _____?

  • ¿de donde eres? -Where are you from?
  • ¿de donde es ____? -Where is ____ from?
  • ¿eres de ____? -Are you from ____?

  • Very good, Good, So-so, Bad

  • Muy Bien -Very Good
  • Bien -Good
  • Asi-Asi -So-so
  • Mal -Bad

  • Thanks, You, Yes, No

  • Gracias -Thanks
  • tu -you
  • Si -Yes
  • No -No

  • It's Possible, It's Difficult, It's Easy

  • Es posible -It's Possible
  • Es Dificil -It's Difficult
  • Es Facil -It's Easy

  • I, I am, He, She, He is-She is-it is

  • Yo -I
  • soy -I am
  • él -he
  • ella -she
  • es -He is-She is-it is

  • Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night

  • Buenos dias -Good morning
  • Buenas tardes -Good afternoon
  • Buenas noches -Good night

  • Good by, See you tomorrow, See you later

  • adios -Good by
  • hasta manana -See you tomorrow
  • hasta luego or hasta la vista -See you later

  • Picture, Window, Chalkboard, Book, Paper, Notebook

  • el dibujo -Picture
  • la ventana -Window
  • la pizarra -Chalkboard
  • el libro -Book
  • el papel -Paper
  • el cuderno -Notebook

  • Pencil, Pen

  • el lapiz -Pencil
  • el boligrafo -Pen

  • Thanks alot, Please, You're welcome

  • Muchas gracias -Thanks alot
  • Por favor -Please
  • De nada -You're welcome

  • I don't understand. I don't know.

  • No comprendo or No entiendo -I don't know
  • No se -I don't understand

  • How do you say _____? What does _____ mean? How do you spell _____?

  • ¿Como se dice ____? -How do you say ____?
  • ¿Que quiere decir _____? -What does _____mean?
  • ¿Como se escribe _____? -How do you spell ____?

  • In Spanish, Name, Please, You're welcome

  • en espanol -In Spanish
  • el nombre -Name
  • por favor -Please
  • de nada -You're welcome

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